Admission Fees:


Adults – FREE

Babies under 1 – FREE

Children 1- 2 years - $4.00

Children 3-11 years - $6.00

10 Entry Pass (1-11 years inclusive) - $50.00


Entry includes unlimited time play although we recommend 1 hour of play, as children tire quite quickly.


Play Ground Rules:


  • Parents and carers must supervise children at all times.

  • 0-11 year old children only. Once your child turns 12 they will no longer be able to play on playground.

  • Children must remove their shoes before entering the play area and wear socks at all times. If you forget your socks we do have children’s socks available at a cost of $2.00 per pair.

  • Children must remove jewellery and any other sharp objects.

  • Children who are clearly unwell should not use the play equipment.


  • Children must play in age-appropriate areas only.

  • Please no climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.


  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the play area.

  • Please do not bring toys onto the play equipment.

  • No foul language or rough play will be tolerated.

  • Please report any accident or injury to a member of our trained staff.

  • No outside food or drinks are allowed in our centre, with the exception of baby food and children’s drink bottles. Special dietary requirements can be catered for by arrangement with management.

  • Please play safely and have fun!